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    Hi again all,

    Can you recommend to me some of the office chairs that you have or have seen and dreamed about? I can't take this fold-up Wal-Mart $20 metal chair much longer.

    I've seen but haven't had enough time to browse them just yet. I'd really like to have a chair with a BMW car seat on it, but that's just me - familiar territory. :D

    Any help is much appreciated.

  2. I have been looking for a new chair for the last couple of days (need a new one for the office and one at my home office).

    I just spent the last 20 minutes on that website and was very impressed with their chairs. I requested a price list (which I should have by tomorrow).

    Thank you for posting that site. :)
  3. This one works well for me:

  4. ************************************************************************
    I like mine "Bean-Bag" style!!! :p



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    BTW, china-mart (I mean wal-mart) has the best and cheapest trading chairs there is...........

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  6. I vote for any chair that you like at Costco or Sams. Heck if you don't like after awhile, they will take it back. Beat that one.

  7. Hmm, I'm not so sure if those 'ergonomically' shaped chairs are good for trading. In my personal experience they force you to sit in a certain position and that position only. This gave me (serious) trouble, when used the whole day.
    I ended up with a more CEO-type wide, hardly pre-formed chair in which I'm able to move around. It looks a bit like this
    I sit in a different position avery few minutes and that really feels a lot better in the long run.

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