Best off the shelf trading PC ?

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  1. I am upgrading my trading workstation. I am considering a dell xps or dell precision 470. I plan to install a matrox PCI express quad digital graphics card on the new system. any feedback on these systems or any recommended high spec workstations suitable for trading would be much appreciated.
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    Do you squirrel hunt with a Gattling gun?

    Any PCIe board + enough RAM will do it. XPS has some bells and whistles you don't really need for trading, so you could easily get a Dimension 9100 and not sacrifice anything related to trading.
  3. Depends on what you trade and how much software you will be running. For most people, a Dell 4700 or 5100 will do the job well for around $550 (incl. 17" LCD when on sale).
  4. actively trading US index futures and some FX futures. Running CQG & TT.
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    If you are running TT, then I would get the fastest workstation possible. TT are always upping the minimum syste requirements and you need a lot of power to run the pro spread trading module. Are you running cqg on the same pc as tt?
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    Recent tests show dualcore CPUs significantly better for multi-tasking.
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    Your alright running TT on most things. In fact, I have seen TT run on most anything. I have been running it since day one on all kinds of systems ---good systems and junk. It will run fine on pretty much any dell. Just get a gig of ram (and that is overkill IMO).

    I have heard these guys are kicking out some real nice multiscreen systems for the money. Traders are happy with them. In fact, they are raving about them. Their workstations are faster than Dells.
  8. I strongly suggest running CQG on your other machine. CQG can be a processor hog if you have a lot of charts, studies, etc. There are ways around this, but it is best to run it separate.

    If you do run it on the same machine, you will want to have at least 1GB Ram. If you are running CQG with TT's autospreader or autotrader, then you really need to put out the best money you can for processing power and RAM. The video card on these systems doesn't need to be fancy, so divert those funds to the machine. Also, try to go for a SATA HDD rather than ATA. You will appreciate it later on.
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    would a dual processor PC get over the potential problems of running cqg/tt off the same pc??
    baron does'nt think so (see link below). not sure when he wrote this article but it may need updating
    any techie out there have an opinion?
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