Best of both: All futures broker incl. live cattle and segregated accounts as well?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bankroll, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. As the futures forum section is too divided between subfutures (I don't know why - you better diversificate between asset classes) so I ask here.

    I am looking for the best of both worlds:

    1st) A futures broker which offers segregated accounts or any similar added security. I still remember Refco and MF Global; I don't need that any more.

    For example see the custodian accounts offered by Dukascopy, a Swiss forex broker:
    I need something similar but not for forex but futures. Also the custodian doesn't have to be a fancy Swiss bank; possibly a - too big to fail - bank will do as well? Or any similar safety measure like the account balance is insured by Lloyd's of London or something.

    2nd) I need a full featured futures broker where I can trade the whole list of futures including orange juice, live cattle and currencies.

    I know, in the UK you may achieve the same end goal by not really trading futures contracts but CDFs?


    Broker can be based in the US, UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Europe, Asia, Australia - you name it. Any safe place which possibly offers this service.
  2. It is a nice idea but I think it may not work fully for the following reason.

    Your foreign broker that offers segregated accounts (some do) will still send all of his clients' U.S.-related-futures funds to a U.S. Clearing Broker, such as say Crossland or whoever (since most futures are U.S. futures, they are likely going to go to a U.S. Clearing Broker).

    Now, Crossland is going to recombine all of those funds (that were segregated at the foreign broker) back into unsegregated form, as per standard U.S. practice.

    So you will lose segregation in practice. You might as well just open with Crossland directly (or Deep Discount Trading, for example, an IB) in the first place.

    I think that is what would happen but I could be wrong.

    You can ask InvestorsEurope - they offer segregated accounts and will match other brokers futures rates. Probably there are lots of others too. Please let us know.

    (But for U.S. clients do not go to their website - call them instead at +350 20040303 - because you will need to certify that you have not visited their web site to satisfy U.S. regs. on foreign accounts)