Best NYC prop outfits?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by gurucandidate, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. As I was looking through Craigslist and Yahoo I found quite a few ads from prop firms and certain names keep popping up:

    Hold Brothers
    Thor Capital

    Some other firms do not reveal their name in the ads.

    Since I am about to send out my resume to a few places I would truly appreciate some feedback on these or other shops.

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    whichone are you at now
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    Realize that most of those are not 'jobs'. They're basically brokers where you put up money and they charge you commissions.

    By asking for a resume, they hope to sound high falutin', but really all you need is cash and a pulse and you're 'hired'.
  4. In fact, I'd strongly suggest you <b>avoid</b> any prop shop which markets its services as a 'job' you get 'hired' into. That's just dishonest and sleazy. Lies are like ants- if you find one, you know there's an entire nest full of 'em lurking nearby.

    Deceptive marketing, 'hiring' for 'jobs', as seen on the website of a bucketshop notorious for screwing their clients:

    Solid & trustworthy firms never pretend they're 'hiring' their clients:

    See the difference?
  5. Brickell holdings has a good training program and the owners will actually work with you to ensure that, if you put in the time and effort, you become successful. They're a subset of Lynx, but if you just join "Lynx" and not Brickell, expect no training.
  6. I truly appreciate all the responses.

    Since the date of my original posting my situation have changed somewhat in that I started trading E-minis from home in my IB account and I am doing quite well. By well I mean that in a very high percentage of the 5-20 times a day that I engage the market I end up making a few bucks and no big losers.

    I went from starting with ES (to slow for my temperament - at least with current market conditions)
    YG ( the bursts of price action are tricky for me ) to NQ which I happen to like because of the smaller price increments and decent liquidity. Looks like early in the morning I will keep trading NQ and during the day try ER2.

    I am self taught. At one point in my life I was a floor trader at one of the commodity exchanges but at that time I was not a scalper but a swing trader, a total outsider.

    Since I decided to go back to trading full time I thought that the training discipline at one of the prop firms would help me transform myself into a VST trader. I guess I am a VST trader as it is and with a few futures contracts specially with the ER one has all the leverage one needs.

    I will hold off on the prop training idea foer a while.
    Perhaps I should start another thread to discover what people who traded both futures and stocks in a prop setting think of the relative merits of each.