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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by NewBlood, Oct 23, 2009.

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    I am mostly looking for a place that will give me the best mentoring as a new trader. The capital contribution isnt an issue, and Id like to have a place with a good payout and commission schedule. Its just hard sorting through all the noise to find out where i should focus my efforts. Basically, where would you recommend a new trader to go to learn and grow to earn. A little background on me below if you want to put yourself in my shoes, in teh NYC or preferrably northern NJ area.

    I have a lot of experience in finance, as I have been managing my large personal trust for years now, and have had three finance internships. I am graduate of a top school (williams college) in '08 w econ major. I have a propensity for gambling with controlled risk, as i did the poker pro routine for a year.

    I really appreciate any feedback

  3. $500 headhunting fee and I could get you an interview with the top daytrading hedgefund in NYC..... They are called t3
  4. Feel free to let us in on this....
  5. first ny, schonfeld, sig.