Best NY bars for Trader Groupies women??

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by tomcole, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Any ideas? Used to go to Monkey Bar in midtown, but that seems to have died down a bit.
  2. Blue Oyster.
  3. tomcole


    Where is that?
  4. It's in areyoukidding?'s basement.
  5. Trader groupies?

    In my dim and addled memory, all I can recall were hopelessly hair-teased back-office secretaries from staten island hoping to hook up with a husband. Young ladies whos' poise and grace would key your car. Kinda like that movie, working girl. That was NOT a joke - that was reality.

    My impression of them (not firsthand mind you. the good dr. doesn't stoop that low) was that they were... er, day-tradable. As in not to be held for a full overnight position.

    You are joking about this, right?
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  7. a hoot...

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  8. btw there are statistics floating around that there are only a few thousand professional traders in the world (or was it the US?) but based on this dating site, elitetrader, and the thousands and thousands of attendences at workshops/shows/etc... as well as the hundreds of trading blogs i estimate it to be at least the dozen thousands... any comments?
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    When you walk in, make sure you yell "This is my first time, and I'm ready for some hard lovin!" :D
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    Gold diggers can be a lot of fun - they're always available on short notice, know the best bars and look good. Of course, if you want to talk about anything beyond a third grade level, its impossible. But sometimes, you feel like going to Burger King and not a 4 star place.

    Monkey Bar on 53/54 th in Manhattan used to get these vulture women who knew exactl;y when bonus' came out, who made what and knew more about which firms were doing well and which werent. They gave a new meaning to the term 'head hunter'.

    Just wondering where the new breed of these women went to.
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