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  1. Okay,

    So, on the advice of many people on this board, I downloaded Ninjatrader, just to play around with it.

    Once I got used to backtesting stocks via Yahoo! data, I purchased some historical data for Forex and Futures, and had a ball testing out strategies (I even discovered that my simple Bollinger Band strategy that I was prone to extreme periods of drawdowns that I did not know about and that I assumed that I sucked at trading and that was why I was losing).

    Needless to say, I love this thing.

    My issue is that I would like to trade Forex, but I ALSO want to use NT.

    So, IYHO, are the NT supported (not counting IB because I am not willing to drop $10Gs into a trading account just yet) brokers any good, or should I just suck it up and use a MT company like Oanda, CMSForex, or FXCM...
  2. Does anybody use Ninjatrader for Forex trading?
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    You're limited to the fx brokers you can use with NT. Right now that is IB, MBT and Gain.

    They were going to hook up to the Hotspot servers too, and there was some good news AND bad news on that front.

    The good news is that they got it to work with the Hotspotfxr platform, the bad news is that Hotspot sold their retail to FXCM. :D


    - if you like to use a bucketshop, use Gain/

    - if you prefer ECN execution(like) but want as much leverage as possible, use MBT

    - if you want a broker that makes you margin twice to place a gbp/jpy trade (or any of the other crosses if USD is you base) then use IB.

    BTW, I use NT to trade fx and futures with IB.

    (Sidenote: if you don't have the 10k to open an IB account, then stick with one of the other aforementioned brokers, like Oanda or MBT which allow you to trade in really small lots - $400 min on MBT and $1 min on Oanda)
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    Can I use Ninja for fx,futures, and equities and if so what broker is best?
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    Yes, and there is only one broker that allows trading of all three in the same account.
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    is that?
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  8. cstfx is shilling for IB!!!!! Holy crap, my world is falling.:D
    Ha! Just kidding. But, he got you to say it.
  9. Unfortunately, MB Trading is no longer accepting Forex Accounts right now, So I guess I am stuck with GAIN :eek:
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    That sucks. Don't care for them but now that is 2 ECN's we have lost in the past 2 months.
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