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  1. trade the news, fly on the, Briefing ?
  2. financial or business news is 'corrupt' all the news media reporters and writers get paid to write or promote stocks with brown envelope of CASH. and most of the time it's free 'promotion' hence in the news. or for publicity.

    this practice of paying the media under the table is expected in the 1920s' now it's taboo and not talked about....but evidence and hearsay says it's too lucrative not to.

    everybody gets paid. never beleive you read in paid news outlets...expecially main news media....the mainstream media have editors that block some news and cannot be reported or not allowed to report...the news is edited or written by telepromters os the guys like cramer speak and say what is written unlike random interviews..etc.

  3. yes, Trade the news is good to fade.