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  1. I've been using Econoday which is free, however the yellow and red stars are not the best for indicating which pieces of news are important.

    Is there a news source that indicates the importance of each piece of news accurately?
  2. I really like its more comprehensive and it includes a lot of international news releases which econoday doesnt
  3. +1 for forexfactory news calander.

    They have a high, medium and low impact indicator for each news item coming up.

    Also, For free breaking news twitter is pretty quick to the punch if you follow the right sources.

    That being said, Price is still king , a lot of times you'll see a spike and then find out what the breaking news/rumor is after the fact.
  4. Unfortunately, the econ calendar at has a habit of spitting out the data late bcuz their servers freeze up during peak econ news times.
  5. Yes true, this has happened a couple times to me also. I guess I never cared for what the numbers actually are , I just care to know when the news will hit the tape.

    @zerohedge on twitter will spit the numbers out right after the fact if people get froze up at FF.
  6. Forex factory looks good for the past, but I was wondering if there was a source that could measure the impact ahead of time -or if forex factory already does this?

    Econoday does the yellow red star, but they seem to be very crude.
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    I find the fxstreet economic calendar far better than the forexfactory calendar.
    Ransquawk is also pretty good.