Best news source for breaking news

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Newmoney24, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Breaking news as in stuff that happens unexpectedly

    For example,
    today, the Goldman Sachs exec quitting
    yesterday, JPM coming out and announcing its stress test results ahead of schedule

    Currently, I keep CNBC on and that does a decently well job to get me the breaking news which can cause market trends, what do you guys do to catch the breaking news?
  2. BSAM



    You'll have more success trading the chart.
  3. I know the janitor at The Fed, he checks the waste basket for news...:cool:
  4. no kidding, by the time it's news it's too late, but if you want to figure out what happened, probably CNBC or Bloomberg is as good as any.
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    Bloomberg and Fly on the Wall
  6. newsstrike, tradethenews, briefing in play are great.

    I remember that a couple of years ago I heard through them the acquisition of chrysler by GM like 10 min before the movement started.