Best News Service for Equities

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by listedguru, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good news service for breaking intraday news on stocks?

    Something that picks up plays like the IPMT play from today? Anyone catch that?

  2. offers dowjones newswire for $20/mo.
  3. This comment is no longer true. I have dropped NTKN and wanted to update the board.
  4. tradethenews should be more accurately named fadethenews or trade the old, stale news, or trade the news that a hedge fund wants released at a certain time so that they may dump their shares on daytraders.......its a drain and has never ever ever in 5 years given me one profitable trade......rather their servicce has cost me a small fortune.
  5. True. This is true for anything trading. It is there to give you a heads up. I don't trade off news except for economic releases or some geopolitical events. Blindly trading the news, not that you are doing this, is like taking an indicator and just trading its signals. It is a good a tool as its user's ability to apply it in context.

    I know others use news services, so I thought I would pass my thoughts along. For a 30% discount on Trade The News, use discount code MA0107.

    No, I don't benefit from this in any way. I just like their new futures, credit and FX 24 coverage.

    Good luck.