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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chs245, May 17, 2002.

  1. chs245


    I'm looking to subscribe to a news services that

    1) allows me to do extensive searches for news stories
    2) has DJ Broadtape and Reuters feed
    3) can have several windows open, each dynamically updating for specific keyword searches

    I think NewsWatch fits the bill. Is anyone using it ?

    Or are there better alternatives ?

  2. stevet


    i always found news a real distraction - but is there any live news service that only sends index moving news headlines through

    i know that this means someone making the editorial decision as to what is imprortant or not - but whoever it would be would get a second go - if they saw the market had moved on news they had not included - i would rather they just added it then

    my point is that i dont want to have to read a constant stream of headlines - i would rather miss something as it had not been included - but then see it come up as a confirmation of why the market moved - than end up not bothering with news as too much noise comes through

    and of course i with less news headlines - i would pay much more attention to what comes through

    any one any thoughts on this?
  3. Banjo


    Agree, you can work yourself into a frenzy playing the news game. I just have briefing for a nice mkt overview.
  4. chs245


    steve, i don't want to look at a whole stream of news. i just want to look for news which fit a specific criteria, such as when a company announces a secondary offering, a debt downgrade, or executive managemnent resigning. My feeling is that if you trade in the first 20 seconds that those news items are released, you have a chance to make money.

    FYI: there is an academic study analysing CNBC recomendations. You make money by buying within the first 15 seconds that the company is mentioned (and sell after 2-3 minutes)

  5. stevet


    i am not looking for news which affects individual stocks - in order to trade them - that game is dicy and too hard work for me!

    i just want news that would move an index

    so by extension major news to do with a single stock such as GE or Microsoft would affect the index, but that is the only type of stock news I want - even if it is only too confirm a move in the index that I may have already seen begin
  6. Gansoro


    Where is "NewsWatch"? Is it a website?
  7. chs245


  8. I have AT Financial from Thomson Financial ( - 877-485-3857). This service allows you to have as many news windows as you want, has boolean search capabilities (such as "stock & split") , can subscribe to many news services including Reuters and Dow Broad Tape, and have hundreds of "categories" that you can pick from..such as any significant news on NYSE stocks (category code HOTN) or ADR for news on ADRs or ARG for Analyst Ratings and so on. Have no idea what the costs are.
  9. chuv


    Check out Stock Watch Pro ( ... they update news in the browser built in the program and issue realtime alerts on new headlines...
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