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  1. Yo Traders!

    Quickie here. I've been trading mostly part time and I'm considering trading full time. One area that I need to get better is my news feed and having better situational awareness. I use twitter and that helps a lot, but does anyone have a good feed that will show pop-ups and stuff like that when important stuff happens and also give me good good analysis to make pips/ticks?

    Thanks y'all...

  2. Dedicate one screen for webcams of every landmark. The Whitehouse, Israel, Mecca, Tehran, Paris, London, All the financial exchanges.
    If you see a mushroom cloud on any of these webcams, then make your move.

    Turn off the news.
  3. Ok, so you would have no clue that non-farms was coming out, no clue that the RBA just cut interest rates, or that the Fed just announced QE3? I understand your point and not react to the Monica Lewinsky headline, but for reals man, you've got to have some clue...
  4. Watch the price bars. They will tell you if there is buying or selling.
    If you are trying to trade off of old news then you are guessing.

    News is old once it is made public.
  5. There have been several threads on news sources. The wires bring in tons of news every minute, you have to set filters to only see what pertains to you or you'll be bombarded with numerous headlines.

    I prefer another type of news service. The ones who have analysts review the news and bring me the pertinent news, not everything that hits the wires. I also like the ones with audio, where someone speaks it out since I'm not always looking at my screen. Of course, there are many different trading styles, so you have to choose a service that's right for you.

    I did a YouTube video comparing the news services some time ago:

    I need to do a new video as things change rapidly in the news services sector. For example, Ransquawk now offers 24 hour service. This was a big step up for them. Based on my experience, the two best news services for me are and Expect to pay about $350/month for these. gets a special mark for the low cost $75/month service.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the post. Good informative video! I'll give some of them a shot.
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