Best multi-asset broker agnostic software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by slickpick, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a multi-asset (will be primarily trading futures and options) broker agnostic front-end software, ideally FIX compliment. One other key element I'm looking for is that it can group positions by strategy rather than reporting the portfolio as a whole (p&l breakdown of each strategy would be great too).

    Any recommendations? I've cycled through quite a few over the weekend but from what I've seen so far, some support the strategy breakdown but then don't support options and vice versa.

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  2. may not fit exactly off the shelf, but i use to do some of this.

    it's definately multi asset and broker neutral.

    for having different position views by strategy, the way to do this would be to add some new quotopia models/views that filter positions just to that strategy.

    not sure what your background is but if know any .net it would be worth your time to look at probably.
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    all the established should be able to deliver this TT, CQG, Bloomberg, Reuters....