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  1. Any thoughts on which are the best brokers that use the MT4 software? I have been using OANDA for some time and have really been suffering from the lack of sophisticated charting.
  2. FXOpen has a low fixed spread (2-3 pips on majors). They also offer leverage of 500:1, allow scalping, and require a low minimum trade size (100). They are pretty reliable.
  3. FXOpen are a total scam, do some research!
  4. Well, I have been quite profitable with them and I have not had any problem with the withdrawal of my profits. So far. Maybe my experience is exceptional. But if they were a scam, I would expect them either to cancel my winning trades or to hunt my stops or to delay my withdrawal. Nothing like that has happened to me. But if you have had any bad experience with them, I would love to hear about it. One is never cautious enough.
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    Positive reviews - 80%
    Negative reviews - 20%

    On top of my list:

    Others to consider:

    MB Trading Futures
    Alpari UK
    Marketiva (Gain)

    They're all eligible to get up to 60% rebates per lot traded with

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    Spread might be a concern but performance of the platform, execution accuracy and support system is also important.
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  8. That Peace of Army platform has a very appealing interface, what I didn’t know is that it worked with MT4, if it is so I guess it is reliable because Metaquotes’ systems are extremely efficient. Though there’s also a Platinum platform, from Tradeview which what I use.
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    I've also been using POA though not with their platform, only for getting info, fundamental, and questions resolved on their forums. I'll give a try on their platform. However I've heard a lot of talk on that **** which I find hard to use because I am used to MT4.
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