Best movie on global warming scam

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    This video shows how Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC which is a private company (just like FED is) manipulated data to arrive at scarring people with the so called global warming: you can dowload the movie from here

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    A bit lenghthy but worth watching :D
  2. Ricter


    Thanks to that recent graph posted here (was that yours?) we now know that the last century or so has been a time of global cooling.
  3. Tresor


    I posted a number of charts. Probably you are referring to this one :D
  4. Not being adverserial here, but how do you explain the pictures of diminished glaciers, icecap breakoffs, and the lengthened growing season in Greenland?

    A chart from tasmania isn't a strong enough argument for me.
  5. Tresor


    This video discusses these issues and debunks unscientific claims by Gore.

    Isn't this an argument for what?

    I used this chart a few months ago in another thread when heavy industry in Europe from a 1000 years ago was discussed to explain the reason for warming Europe at that time.
  6. Hey, I'm skeptical either way. The images of glaciers and icecaps and Greenlands' extended growing season are not things I learned from Al Gore - a lot of sources have documented these things.

    As for the European chart - don't forget the maunder minimum impacts that chart. It was a centuries long deviation.

    I'll review the film as the day winds down. Thanks for posting.
  7. Tresor


    The images from bird's view may show shrinking of Greenland. What they do not show is that the thinkness of Greenland rises due to increased precipitation - increased humidity there makes the volume of ice rise.

    Just watch the movie :)
  8. maxpi


    Gore and the rest of the idiots have created something like the Federal Reserve in another area than banking... they are not a government agency but they can collect the tax by way of transacting carbon credits... it's all bullshit.. there is so much evidence that the scientific community themselves are a mess too.. a WW2 aircraft was recovered from the Antarctic.. it was 250 feet down in ice... ice built up ~50 feet per decade.. I don't believe their readings from ice cores at all, a driller pointed out to them already that the rings on the cores can represent only a part of a day but they interpret them to mean a year... They do the similar thing with their "geologic column is calibrated by the strata" and "strata is calibrated by the column" and radiologic and carbon readings that don't agree with that fantasy of circular reasoning calibration are discarded to the tune of 75% of all readings...

    I've seen how they operate, they come in with senseless and petty disputes about the material presented by truth seekers and then they go away and say "It has been debunked" and they can get away with it because they own the schools and the textbook companies and the politicians...
  9. Tresor


    Maxpi, then this movie is for you. There is yet another movie to be released in a few days. Here is the trailer:

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  10. Ricter


    That is correct, which is why we see average sea levels falling.
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