Best move for Republicans to make?

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  1. Here are the facts:
    Obama won the election. He won the popular vote and he won the electoral vote as well. He ran on raising taxes and his healthcare plan would be beneficial to all. He ran on continued regulation of markets, energy and business in general. These are the facts.
    So what to do? Let him have his way on all of it. No obstruction of any kind. His plan either works or it doesn't. Many republicans and hard line conservatives right here at ET have argued what we really need is a reset. The whole thing has to come apart before we can rebuild. If that's the case, and the true believers think that Obama policies will do that, then why wait? Should his policies actually bring on the collapse, republicans will retake the House, the Senate and the presidency, and will do so in a huge way. The rebuliding can begin.
    One little glitch in all this. If republicans are as wrong about this as they were about this past election...what if his plan works? Republicans are done for the foreseeable future. Decades in the political abyss. This is why they are still standing in the way. It ain't for country. It ain't for the people. It's because if they're wrong, it's over for them. So they either believe Obama's plan will bring on the collpase, or they don't. True believers should put the money where the mouth is. Stand aside a watch the collpase.
    Obama and his supporters claim his plan will work. So be it. Obama won and he should get his way. Every bit of it.
    Personally I think we're so far past the tipping point it really doesn't matter. We can delay, but we cannot avoid the coming collapse. I just think if the republican establishment is so damn sure of itself, then they should have no problem letting Obama have it all, stand back, and watch the show. True believing dem's should do the same.
  2. "Best move for Republicans to make? "

    maybe try sanity?
  3. You're avoiding the topic at hand. Should Obama get everything he's asking for, or not? Simple question.
  4. hes not asking for much. simply asking republicans to sit down and solve the debt problen too hard for them?
  5. How can they "solve" that when they are both part of the "problem"? :confused: :( :D
  6. Dems won 26 out of 34 races in the Senate. Half the Dem seats were up, more or less, and they not only managed to hold that, but gained a net 2 in the process.
    Unheard of would not be an inaccurate description of this result. No one expected it going into the campaign on Labor Day.
    The Republicans were handed a President with a semi-wobbly economy and managed to not only lose, but grab and pull defeat out of the jaws of victory with truly grim determination.
    The GOP did manage to hold onto the House with a decent majority there.
    So it seems like what the people voted for was mostly Obama, with what they hope is a non-skid brake in the House against the more way out stuff. Defining way out is going to be interesting given the results on marijuana legalization and same sex marriage.
    So, that's what should happen over the next two years. Whether that is what happens will depend on how everyone maneuvers in DC.
  7. Arnie


    Stand aside.

    The Dems won, let them handle it. They didn't need any Republican votes to pass Obamcare.
  8. 420K votes in 4 states go the other way and Romney is President.

    Give Obama the tax increase for incomes over 250K, Lock him out of any tax increase between 80k - 250k.

    The Dems have a big hard on to increase the rates from 35 to 39% for the earners over 250k, they will trade a lot for that concession.

    Most likely the incomes over 250k vote mostly democratic anyways
  9. I will assume that the OP, CO, is asking an honest question. Of course we'll see some nonsense, but IMO the GOP has to really define itself once again. Get rid of the Tea party, at least whatever is left of it, soften their stance on outdated social issues, mainly leave women and bedrooms alone. Focus on their strengths of old, fiscal responsibility, military strength, things that still carry some weight with a lot of voters. Lose the nutcases, stand behind the social moderates and fiscal conservatives. Or suffer a much longer time frame.
  10. the dems actually recieved more votes than the reps in congress but because of years of skillful gerrymandering the rep were able to keep those seats.
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