Best monitor configuration for a newbie?

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  1. After years of different set ups... Most successful I have found is two 32 inch full 1080HD TV's... Sometimes I'll hook up a 3rd same exact 32 inch TV but feel my eyes "wander" too much...

    MacBook Pro (laugh of say I'm doing it wrong... However I love my set up)! 2 full HD TV's connected via HDMI ports again sometimes 3... I run 2 different brokers at once AND NO PARELLS or virtual machine ;)
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  2. Sometimes 1 screen I find the best :)!
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  3. mokwit


    I have found one big screen as main focus area (30"") with auxiliaries above and to the side to be better than 2 large monitors side by side as main focus area - even 2 x20" was too wide.
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  4. IamaMars


    To begin with you need usually to start with something small, something like that from all you listed should be something like that here - 2x2 (4 monitor) array of 24 inch HD IPS monitors all other variants maybe will not needed for this later.
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