Best monitor configuration for a newbie?

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  1. Skyline


    I'm wondering what the best option is for a newbie monitor setup.
    I've narrowed it down to the following options. Which one of these would be preferable to begin with?

    2x2 (4 monitor) array of 27 inch 2K IPS monitors

    2x2 (4 monitor) array of 24 inch HD IPS monitors

    2 x 27 inch 4K IPS monitors - side by side

    2 x 30+ inch flat or curved 2k IPS monitors - side by side ( I don't know if curved monitors work well with charts, do they?)

  2. xandman


    Go with less monitors but with as much screen real estate. Experiment with pivoting the screen. The difficulty with curved is that you have to view it at very specific angles.

    I don't think trading should have you locked in position like a video game.
  3. Jones75


    From your menu, I'd pick 2 x 27 side by side.

    I personally use 3 x 20 side by side, no neck strain
  4. WeToddDid2


  5. I have 3 27" side by side monitors and it works great. As a new trader remember monitor specs won't make you a better trader.
  6. xioxxio


    30" are great, however it has an enormous premium over 27". I have a 30" horizontal and 2x24" vertical on either side.

    At my last job we had 3x30" vertical next to each other.
  7. NoBias


    Save your money, as previously stated "more" does not equate to success. It actually can be a detriment, sensory overload, lack of focus, etc...

    At this stage, at most you are using your monitors to read text, spreadsheets and 2D charts. High definition, top of the line monitors are a waste of money. An array of monitors is sensory overload, large stacked monitors are sure to give you neck strain.

    Does it looks cool? Perhaps. Do you need it? No

    A pair of 27" monitors is a good compromise between value and comfort to start.

    If money isn't an issue, than get what ever your heart desires, but don't try to justify it by thinking it will increase your "chances" or make you a better trader. Because it won't.

    Until you have developed a trading strategy you nor anyone else knows what equipment is required.

    As a newbie, you would best off learning longer time frames, i.e. swing trading, position trading. This provides you ample time to conduct research. Swing trading can be accomplished using a 13" laptop.

    You wouldn't buy a Ferrari to be an Uber driver, this is no different...
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  8. It is different. Many people would like to sit in a Ferrari, so you would have much more clients and you can charge extra. Your screensize on the contrary will not bring you more money while trading. :D
  9. [QUOTE="A pair of 27" monitors is a good compromise between value and comfort to start.


    2, of any of the larger monitors (24-30"). However, the number of monitors and their size have little/nothing to do with trading success.
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  10. xioxxio


    Size does matter
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