Best mobile broadband?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by suedeuno, Feb 25, 2009.

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    This doesn't make sense. I got my information minutes ago off the ATT website. Plus, why would your plan be called the 5G plan?? Not saying you are lying or anything. Could be that they don't enforce the exact limits unless a user is abusive. We are talking about a mobile broadband aircard, correct?.....not ATT wifi.
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    I just read my billing detail online. I am receiving a national account discount. Probably because my employer, a Fortune 50 company, has an arrangement with them. The service was billed as unlimited when I signed up. The billing detail shows that I only use 0.4 G per month. This constitutes 1.5 hours of running thinkorswim's trading platform 3 days per week during market hours on my work breaks. Sorry I missed this earlier as this is only part of a significant family plan I have w/ATT.
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    Tman...Appreciate the reply. What with all the rules, terms, and conditions these days, it's hard to keep up with everything.
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  4. Bsam, I used 458094 kb following the es last month .Hope this helps.
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    Wow, that seems low. Wonder what broker and charting software you use?
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  6. Bsam, I am using ninja with opentick delayed. I am still trying to work out a profitable meathod. I think your usage would be more with the uploading of orders to your broker.
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  7. I use the Sprint aircard with my laptop. It's an occasional usage when I have to be away from my desktop system hooked to cable.

    As near as I can tell, I'm using about 4mb every 30 minutes. This is IB TWS with some symbols (lets say 15 symbols), booktrader open for the ES, and no charts.

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  8. What windows did you have open on Ninja? Any charts?I also use NT.

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  9. S, I use a 30 min and a 1000 constant vol chart. I have them open all the time.
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    Oldee ... What is your approx location??

    Also what is the latency re IB??

    thnx ... rj
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