Best mobile broadband?

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  1. who offers the best mobile broadband service?
  2. I've had sprint for 3 years. It's reliable. It used to be the best since they offered unlimited data, but now they copy Verizon's 5 GB per month limitation for the top tier. I got grandfathered in with my unlimited data, but I've noticed when I go over 5 GB, they throttle the speed way down and it's almost useless. But overall, I've read that Sprint has a little higher download speed, and a little more stability.
  3. Rice, thanks.

    How much do you use it and how quick do you go through the 5gb limit?
  4. S, I have been using Sprint for 6 months and have not had any issues . I only follow the es so I never come close to going over. I did buy an additional antenna but it only made a slight improvement in reception. I am happy with the results and i would recommend it if you dont have a hardline option.
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    I've been using ATT, unlimited for 46.50 per month. The service is excellent.
  7. I use it every day as my sole internet connection. I am in a rural area in Central California that doesn't have high speed internet access. Since I'm next to the freeway I'm in the high speed wireless area. I get pretty close or go over the 5 gb every month since I use it for internet surfing, downloads, and trading.
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    I believe this is not correct. I believe the current aircard rate is $60 per month/5 GB.
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    I assure you it is correct. The plan is called 5G but it is unlimited. I am paying 46.50 and have been on the service since August 2008.
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    Do you watch the market all day M-F? Do you know what the per GB rate would cost if you ran over the 5GB limit? Would you consider yourself a heavy internet user? Thanks.
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