Best MIRC free NQ & ES daytrading chatrooms?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ironj, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. ironj


    Could someone recommend the best free chatrooms available on MIRC for NQ and ES daytrading?

    I am new at this and am just trying to learn and would like to follow some experienced traders.

    Thanks all.
  2. Lancer


    On the FinancialChat network, try the #IndexFutures channel. On the OtherNet network, try the #S&P channel. I've seen these but can't report anything about the quality of participants.
  3. ironj

    Did you do a search with chat as a keyword? There have been numerous mentions of free chatsites in past threads.
  4. try #s&p room on Othernet: TX, Austin server
  5. So your a newbie to Eminis and a newbie to EliteTrader :cool:

    First of all...I just want to say that there's a difference between the BEST rooms and the most POPULAR rooms.

    Before I talk about some of these's some advice before you enter these rooms.

    1) Most or all internet posting entiquette applies.
    2) Don't criticize someone's trades if you don't post your own.
    3) Don't enter the rooms to spam nor to sell any service or product. If you really have a need to do so...ask the room ops (person with @ next to their names) for permission...most will say no.
    4) Don't be afraid to post your trades...even if your paper trading because everybody including yourself will learn from your winners and losers.
    5) Make friends with someone in the room just in case you do something stupid and get banned. This way you can get that person to ask the room ops to let you back in.
    6) If you don't understand English...don't enter the rooms. There are some foreign language mIRC trading rooms (I do not know their names...I just know they exist...Chinese, German, Belgium traders, French traders, Portuguese traders) for those wanting to talk to other traders of the same native language.
    7) The first hour of trading is...more often than not...extremely busy. Thus, it's not a good time to be asking questions that may require detailed answers about the strategy behind the trades that were just posted. Wait and see if the trade poster starts talking...if he/she does...that usually means they are able to chat while monitoring their position.
    8) If you didn't post your Entry...don't post your Exit...especially if its a profitable Exit.
    9) Don't do multiple log-ons at the same time (different names from the same IP address). This is very suspicious for many reasons.
    10) Save all your mIRC chat logs in case you want to follow a favorite trader trade postings (trade journal)
    11) Mention you heard about the room at to give a free plug. You'll be surprise how many Emini traders have never heard of this forum.

    To do a search on any other mentionings of Emini Chat discussion here at EliteTrader...use this link search's my opinion via my personal experience with free Emini Futures chat rooms.

    I don't know which is the best...I guess that depends on what your looking for.

    Also...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you log-into these mIRC rooms via the mIRC shareware program which can be downloaded from (most use it without paying for it).

    Thus, to many its a free program. If you don't have mIRC software or are logging into these rooms from someone elses computer (work, college, ect)...I'll also post the direct url links for logging in.

    Note: The direct links do work...however...depending upon the version of your may work better than another browser (Netscape, IE, Opera...ect).

    In addition...if you want to log into multiple rooms on different servers (FinancialChat and Othernet at the same time)'ll need mIRC version 6.0 and higher.

    #IndexFutures room is good. Of the traders that post their positions as they occur...most are profitable traders.

    Do they discuss particular strategies behind the trades...not often.

    What about lurkers that contribute nothing to the room...a lot of them.

    Room usually has over 60 users per trading day.

    #s&p room I don't like. Of the traders that post their positions as they occur (very very few)...some are profitable traders.

    Do they discuss particular strategies behind the trades...rarely.

    What about lurkers that contribute nothing to the room...most in this particular room are lurkers. In fact, I often wonder why most even waste their time in logging into this particular room.

    It's possible it was good at one time or another...but not during the weeks when I was logging into it. In addition, it has a few "aggravating posters" in the room (noise).

    Room usually has over 100 users per trading day.

    #eminifutures room is great.'s my own room. Thus, I have an obvious bias.

    Number of users are between 10-20 right now per trading day. And there are some QQQ traders in the room too.

    I require all visitors to say hello upon entry into the room and to participate (talking about Maria Bartaroma on CNBC is not participation).

    Do users of the room discuss trade strategies regardless if their posting their trades...ALL THE TIME.

    What about lurkers that contribute nothing to the room...most in this particular room are not lurkers because you'll see me asking the quiet ones questions...any new visitor that ignores me...gets removed from the room.

    Simply, I trying hard to not let the room become LURKVILLE like most of the other mIRC rooms.

    Room is active 9am - 4:15pm est every trading day...inactive on the weekends unless there's a schedule strategy discussion.

    Now...with all that's said above...I obviously have not mentioned all the free mIRC Emini rooms. The problems is this...very few concentrate on Eminis.

    In fact, if you go to some stock trading rooms like #daytraders, #pitstock and many others...there are some posters (good ones) that post their Emini trades live.

    However...such rooms are too large and posts zip by so fast...most or all the Emini posts you'll never see...Yet, if your using a special mIRC script you can use special words like Emini, NQ, ES, Futures, ND, SP to capture these posts from the trading rooms and put such posts in a special window.

    Also, the Emini traders in these stock rooms...rarely discuss the strategies behind their trades.

    Hopefully, this helps and hopefully others will respond with their personal experience with other rooms...especially with rooms I didn't mention here.

    Almost forgot...there's a PalTalk Emini room for users of Ensign software. The room has voice. Seems ok from my few visits...however...PalTalk is a resource hog.

    Further, I recommend you not use PalTalk, mIRC, ICQ or any other live communication program on the same computer where your trading platform is...just in case there's a conflict.

    The trick for newbies that are seeking Free Emini Chat Rooms is to find a room where they can learn instead of listening to a lot of noise or non-emini discussion.

    P.S. I'm back from self-exile :cool:

  6. DblArrow


    Very excellent post. Nice to see some etiquette for these rooms, posted.

    There are a couple of good ones on paltalk also.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  7. ironj


    Thanks for taking the time for such a detailed answer. I will look into all those you mentioned.
  8. While very new to NQ and ES ( not to stocks and futures in general) I really like the EliteTrader chat room during the day.

    While most trades and talk is about the NQ and ES there is enough other talk to keep you mind open (IMHO)

    It appears to me that many post there trades in near or at real time and that some of the traders there are very good. some names you will see there are Los, Nitro,glass, surfer, myself and many others.

    The People on the chat room are almost always friendly, profitable and willing to answer questions ( even newbe simple questions) without being insulting.

    I have a lot of respect for the traders in the room as they appear to be way above par and making money. I would also bet that if you spend some time there you will quickly find out why I go there every day all day.

    Hey, and the price is right...:D
  9. ironj


    If you don't mind could you post instructions for accessing the chat rooms you mentioned via Mirc?

    I have only limited knowledge of this product so the more detailed an explanation the better.

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