Best method for graphing multileg positions?

Discussion in 'Options' started by drcha, Dec 23, 2008.

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    I need a way to graph positions that will show me the situation on any day I choose--not just today or at expiration. I use IB, and I don't want to change my trading platform. Also, I'm not very techie, so I want something pretty simple, not something with ten thousand bells and whistles that will overwhelm me. Is there anything on the Web? I am willing to pay a fee if it's not too onerous.

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    Use Optionetics Platinum.
  4. Last I checked, you can't get the full-up Platinum unless you're an Optionetics student. Instead you get the "Express" version for the same price a student pays for the real version.

    Another suggestion: open an account at thinkorswim (TOS). Their platform has a very nice multi-leg risk graph capability.
  5. Have you tried the Position Simulator at ? It's pretty nice, but the main limitation is that it only allows up to 4 legs.

    You can change the date to any date and change the volatility assumption on that date.

    Just go to that website and go to Advanced -> Position Simulator to try it out.

    One of the best thing about it I guess is that it is free. :)

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    Wow, thanks, that's what I want! Free is the best price.
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    is not correct

    Anyone can purchase
    any Platinum version they
    desire and you do not have
    to take a seminar

    Call Optionetics : 1-888-292-4751, M-F, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time.
    Outside the US: 1-650-802-0700

    They will try to sell you Express
    but simply state you wish the full version

    Express is simply a 25% subset of the Full Platinum

    And it does everyting and more
    the user requested
    Here are some videos

    Click this link to watch the video<BR><BR><a target='_new' href="" >An Introduction to Platinum Express</a>
    <BR>The videos below discuss Express , Platinum <BR>and Platinum Pro features but are viewable by anyone.<BR><BR>If the video does not work - <BR>upgrade your flash version in your browser: <BR>And/Or try a different browser like FireFox <BR><BR> <BR><BR>Turn on your PC audio<BR><BR><a target='_new' href="" >Video on Mid Quotes in Pro, Platinum and Express</a><BR><BR><a target='_new' href="">How to Roll a Collar and Consolidate Legs</a><BR><BR><a target='_new' href="">How to use a Share Key</a><BR><BR><a target='_new' href="">Editing and Using the 20 Platinum Stock Lists</a><BR><BR><a target='_new' href="">An explanation of Risk Graph Graphics</a><BR></b>
  8. After communicating with Optionetics customer service a few months ago, I did not get the impression that this was an option.

    Thank you for the corrective haiku.
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    They used to behave that way
    but things are changing

    If you get Express or have Express

    Right there on the Express Home
    page is a link


    and you can Upgrade to Regular
    Platinum online without
    having to make any calls