??? Best Markets to Trade ???

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    What are the best markets to trade -- and why?

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    The ones that are moving up or down
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    obviously, this question will have to be subjectively addressed by the individual, at the core it would be liquid markets that move.

    ZB, ZN, NQ, ES, 6E, ER2, YM, Dax, Stoxx, etc. all have liquidity and range. the rest, the middle, the actual trading, is all that remains :D

    even higher volume / moderate volatility mkts like the ES can still bang out fat 35-pt range days.

    unless this is merely for trivial curiosity, you may get better responses if you offer a bit more detail regarding style, timeframe, preferences, etc.


    take care :)

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  5. My personal preference for the best markets is based upon liquidity.

    Stocks & Commodities magazine has a liquidity chart of the popular trading instruments in the world and some of the top 20 are usually on my list for trading.


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  6. Look for markets where the public are active in a big way. It is much easier taking candy from babies than from pit bulls.
  7. Thanks for the link. I have ordered sample copy of Stocks and Commodities.

    What is ZB, ZN, 6E,

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    Some points to consider:

    1. Good Liquidity

    2. Which Markets are more likely to Trend?

    3. Which markets "chop"?

    4. Are some markets better for Scalps?

    5. Are some more trending?

    6. Is it better to choose markets at $100 per point or $5 per point?

    7. What markets trade better with larger or smaller stops.

    8. Do some markets permit scaling in and out better than others?

    9. Do some markets follow patterns better?

    10. How does daily range and volatility favor one market over another?

    Let's start with these questions and hopefully develop this discussion further...


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    Was that a great Rosebowl game....

  10. T-Bonds, T-Notes and EuroFX EC Futures.

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