Best markets to trade for 9-5'ers

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    Hey all,

    What are the best index futures to trade for those who work 9-5 EST? I am thinking Eurostoxx 50 in the extreme AM and HSI for nighttime? Any thoughts, experiences, etc? Primarily looking for fast, liquid markets close to ES, YM, etc. Thanks!
  2. 6E (Euro Futures) can be active during the London session and has some decent trends.

    I'm a 9-5'er as well (PST) solution? Get up at 4-5am and do the pre-market until about 7:30am or so when the doldrums start to hit. I monitor the market during the day, but don't trade during the afternoon session since I'm at work.

    The major index futures (ES, TF, etc) as well as some of the other markets I like to follow (ZG, CL, ZB) are usually rolling around 4:30-5am.
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    I have traded DAX for some time, until early this year. South Korea KOSPI futures were recently ( end of 08) allowed to be traded by CFTC. Kospi start trading at 7pm EST, the book is thick, you can trade size, the tick value is high.
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    So advising against the south korean market and the DAX?
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    Not following you. I actually recommend these 2 markets.
  6. Like mentioned earlier 6E is has good moves when London/Europe open.

    If you are on the West Coast... you can get most of your trading done by 9:00 AM PST ...
  7. Can you trade the DAX with an account in dollars? I noticed that the DAX seemed to have some nice moves a while back, but have an IRA (IB) and it seemed that there were issues if you wanted to trade that particular index.
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    It works he following:

    You open account in USD, but after you make your first trade, part of the account will be converted into EUR and used in the future. You will see it in your first statement. No clue, how it will with IRA.
  9. what time does europe open in relation to cst time?
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