Best Markets for Elliott Waves

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by dima777, Aug 28, 2008.

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    This a "derivative" post of my last thread concerning market liquidity ( The question is what market are most suitable for Elliott Wave Analysis (EWA). I am coming to conclusion that the Forex market is good for EWA but only on the major pairs. I have tested EWA on a few stocks and commodities and it looks to work BETTER there. Maybe this is because the relative heterogeneity of market players there is higher than on the non-major currency pairs.
    Any opinion is appreciated.
    One request - Please do not post that EWA doesn't work. You can open a separate thread to prove this there.
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    "The question is what market are most suitable for Elliott Wave Analysis"

    The one's pictured as examples in EW books.
  3. The largest volume markets are "better" for EWT because they reflect a larger consensus of opinion.
  4. None. Elliot Wave is trash. When you learn this, you might start learning how to trade...
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    Any market you like is perfect for EW, because EW ranks right up there with moon phases and and interplanetary alignment indicators.

    Want a technical edge? Apply statistical metrics to your market of choice.
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    I am offering you a much sharper edge - apply statistical tools to elliott wave analysis...
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    I use elliot wave for all the markets i trade including gold oil and currencies...

    people that say elliott wave is useless haven't learned from the right people, ignore them
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    thanks for your supportive words...I was close to concluding that this forum is 99% full of people hating the EWA..
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    btw...have you heard of a way to automate EWA?
  10. No, but it is pretty likely you have never done a thorough statistical analysis of Elliot Wave over multiple instruments over a long period of time on its own merits to see if it has significant edge.

    HAVE YOU???

    Once you do, you will join the 99%.
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