Best Market mover on CNBC all time

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Who is the best?

  1. Maria

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  2. Richard Fisher

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  3. Charlie G

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  1. Which event do you think is most memorable market movng event on CNBC?

    Richard "Ninth Inning" Fisher - 2004 saying the FED is done

    Mario Bartiromo - 2006 after talking with bernanke in a dinner party

    Charlie G. - 2008 Ambac

    Those are the big ones i can remember. Feel free to add your favourite.
  2. Bernanke get's the douchebag of the century award for that screwup. Obviously, Maria.

    edit: Century is probably too strong for that on second thought. Bush has that locked down for the foreseeable future. That is all.
  3. Where's Cramer? He does it every single day.
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  5. Just wondering whant happened on that day.
  6. Daal


    man that video is pure comedy
  7. Happy ending for Bernanke. :D
  8. Chagi


    Great video, thanks for posting this. S&P dropped about 8-9 points during the course of that interview. :)
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