Best mainstream broker for options?

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  1. I'm currently with Eturd. The $15 min ticket is killing me. Any suggestions? I prefer a well established mainstream broker than some fly by night outfit. Fidelity ActiveTrader? Thanks!
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    I doubt anyone can beat Thinkorswim when it comes to options.
  3. Ib is $.75 or cheaper on volume. No ticket charge. Not owned by a tout/educational firm.
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    Noone does options better than thinkorswim. OptionsXpress is a close second. I would possibly consider Trade King but I have no experience with them. Before considering any broker like IB that looks cheaper, make sure you consider whether they have PDA, web or program access? Do they have activity / inactivity charges? Monthly minimums? Automation charges? Will they pay for your DSL? Do they charge for support? Do they charge for phone orders? Will they match other fee schedules?

    Assuming Investools does not screw them up, thinkorswim is my choice.
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  6. Yeah, my main concern when choosing a platform is whether they will subsidize my broadband connection. It helps if they offer some daycare for my 2yo... still waiting for that feature. IB has PDA access, and I trade through a DS3 connection. I don't think TOS will want to reimburse me for that nut.

    Reliability and fill quality. TOS can't touch IB's spread/combo algorithms. TOS doesn't offer VaR. TOS is far more costly. TOS doesn't have 1/10 of the product offering, nor futures.
  7. Yeah but thinkorswim has a special options trading platform which contains functionality based on brand new math invented especially for it :D

    To the OP who is single-handedly responsible for starting at least 40% of all threads in the options forum and who should be an options guru by now: open accounts with both thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers and leverage their respective strengths.

  8. No way... more new math?! I retract and apologize.
  9. Is this new math anything like the math I use on my brokerage statement:

    $10,000 initial balance
    - $10,000 trading losses
    $ you are screwed -- go sleep on the couch
  10. Yes, that looks correct at first glance. TOS may send some nice chotckies when you blow-out.
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