Best MACD/STOCH times for Emini's

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by swcom, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. swcom


    Anyone have any solid data for emini's, (specifically QM) for momentum trading. Currently using: MACD (12,26,9), and STOCH (1,3,3). I know that 1,3,3, is a bit short, but I can't seem to dial it in correctly. The stoch. gets pretty jumpy and the MACD to lag too much to be useful at this setting.

    Just wondering what settings y'all might be using? Thanks.
  2. thruline


    Macroevent has done a lot of work with these indicators on es and russell. You might want to pm him.

  3. swcom --- sent you a pm
  4. inet


    Dear MacroEvent,

    Can you also send me a pm about the best MACD/STOCH times.
  5. empee


    im curious to what others use, I am pretty happy with my settings but I wonder if there are better settings especially using daily charts versus intraday?
  6. ER9


    I havnt used stochastic for a while but i had it set to 6,3,3 when i did and the slower %D seemed to be timed pretty well to 3 and 5 min ES tops and bottoms. Seemed work well with 14 period CCI.

    I prefer it when viewing daily charts as well. seems to be fairly accurate at that setting for me. I however turn off the faster %k and only view %D to give me some idea of when momentum is turning over.
  7. I use 15,3, 3 works well cleaner read, Macd just standard
    settings. Volume with MA in esignal to show whether volume is
    above average or not.

    Good Luck,