Best MacBook configuration for scalping using NinjaTrader?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Neekolas86, May 24, 2011.

  1. Given what is available on Apple's website at this time what is the best hardware & software configuration to perform DOM scalping strategies trading YM and/or ES?

    Price is not an option. I am only interested in a MacBook Pro. Please hold your opinions/comments on internet speed at this time.

  2. Yrutman


    I have both the 27 imac and the new macbook pro quad core.

    I trade using parallels on the imac with 8gb or ram using X Trader. I have also used Ninja on this system via parallels and it runs native, its about the connection. I run windows 7 64 bit on both machines. The macbook pro via bootcamp. And to answer your question Ninja ran like a dream via both setups. Using macs for years since I was able to bootcamp and have never had a problem. Remember if you really want a peace of mind just use bootcamp it is completely native as using a PC you would buy from DELL or LENOVO, without the bloatware, that is probably the main reason so many report great windows experiences on their macs.