Best low cost platform and/or broker for $5000 account...

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    ... for trading forex, futures and cryptos? is there a plat/broker that handles all 3 of those markets? im looking for a user friendly VS highly complex that veteran trader may need...

    i looked at tradestation and their inactivity fees would eat up my acct as i am very picky trading (waiting for slam dunks VS over trading just to be IN the market...). currently looking at tradovate, tradingview, ninja8 and meta5...
    thx all and prosperous trading
  2. MattZ

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    I can help with Spot FX and Futures. No Crypto.
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  3. Bum


    Choose 1 of the 2 options for no inactivity fees.
    1-Keep $2,000 minimum balance.
    2-Trade MES or MNQ 5 times a year to meet minimum trades. Minimal commissions on micros.

    ***Forex choices are pretty limited in U.S.

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  4. gaussian


    Unless you're talking crypto futures you'll be looking at a specialized crypto exchange for that. Just about the only place that offers spot forex is Oanda (for Americans) and apparently Optimus.

    For futures you can go about anywhere. IB would cater to everything but crypto (I think their requirements for forex are nuts for Americans), and you can basically pick your futures broker if you go that route. I'm with Cannon, I've been with AMP, Optimus is another one. All of them are great. Pick one that offers a platform you want - most offer a ton of options.

    I've had nothing but trouble with TradeStation. One of my first posts here was talking about how they wanted to charge me professional rates for having a non "free" email (@gmail, @yahoo, etc). On that note I wouldn't recommend them - however their platform was very nice.
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    Hi Matt,
    i sent you an email.... let me know what you think... thx.
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    ok, I will check and reply.
  7. Alby


    Hi everyone! Has anyone tried trading with I would be very grateful if you could share your experience
  8. Hi Matt. Are you aware of any FCM's that do post-trade allocation? For example, if I traded same strategy on multiple accounts (personal or client), but place all trades only in one account, which then get evenly allocated to all accounts after all trades are cleared. I've heard this is possible for an extra fee per side.
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    What you need is a block account allocation and that is simple.
    Backoffice of the FCM will allocate it and you can see that on the portal as well.
    I would recommend ADMIS for that.

    As far as cost, we would need to discuss that over the phone.
    If you do reasonable size, we will wave allocation fees.
    Feel free to PM or reach out via the phones below.
  10. Thanks for the info. Can the trade(s) be executed using third party or custom API geared platforms, or does it have to go through theirs?
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