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  1. I'm not sure why you would think that prop trading is a high profile job, but I'm embarrassed to tell people that I am a daytrader and that I work for a prop trading firm and that is how I make my living. My peers and friends would laugh at me if they knew I worked at a prop firm. Working at a prop firm is degrading. A prop trading job is the same as being a porter and cleaning toilets for a the rich man that owns the hotel. Prop traders are like smelly smuggled over the border Mexican assembly line factory workers. A dime a dozen. They work for cheap and grind away for commissions while they make the owner rich doing the same thing over and over. Not a good job.
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  2. really. I'd be embarrassed to call myself a prop trader. guess it's because I was one, and I know how they get treated, in general.

    but I could do without slurring of Mexicans.
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  3. Sorry if I offended anybody by using the mexican example. I should of used a better example or analogy.
    It wasn't meant to degrade mexicans. I have lots of mexican friends who are good people. I could have used any culture in my example. I was trying to make a point that prop trading is not a lucrative job like the initial first poster thinks it is. Again, sorry about the mexican example. :)
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  4. I think someone who is willing to brave the income volatility and earn their living like a (white collar) mercenary deserves some credit. You're out there everyday in the market and all you have are your balls and your wits ;)

    You should be proud to hold a job that has such a high minimum standard of competency and is so competitive. Or maybe you guys would prefer to be clock-punchers and face-timers...
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  5. BNT,

    I used scottrade for equity options and Xpresstrade for futures....pricey but they don't have minimums and a decent grain commentary...there are other far cheaper..depends on what you want and there are other threads which discuss brokers at length
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  6. I don't think any of us care about your own self esteem problems. Perhaps you should consider getting a new suport group. Nothing worse the fair weather friends. Can't be counted on when the going gets tough.

    Nearly everyone I talk to who is working the 9 to 5....grinding it out, dreams about doing what I do. I am a TRADER. The upsided is unlimited, the downside is limited. I call my own shots, do what I want, when I want, with whom I want, and damn near as much as I want. You can't beat that.
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  7. mschey, if you are a prop trader, then you are a LOSER. Get a life, get a real job and grow up. LOSER!!.

    Prop traders are LOSERS that have very little money of their own. They have no choice than to depend on a prop firm for trading money and in return they have to pay high commissions, desk fee's, and give up a percentage of their profits.

    Real traders can trade their own accounts and do not depend on a prop firms money to lean on. mschey, if you are a prop trader then you are LOSER!! Nobody in their right mind would every want to be a prop trader LOSER like you mschey. maybe you think they do in your little pee sized bird brain.
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  8. I may be many things....LOSER is not one of them. You are just another asshole full of alot of hot air. How's that McDonalds job working out for you?
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  9. SarahG


    I think mschen is a loser too. Not only is mschey a loser but mschey is also a weirdo. Only a weirdo would come on elite trader and brag about how they work for somebody else as a prop trader. Not only are you alot of things mschey, but you are probably the biggest loser on elite trader. All your posts prove it. You sound like you are a retard when you brag about working at a prop firm.

    We never know who is on the other end of the computer on elite trader talking to us. I think mschey is a retard because only a retard would come on here and say the things she/he/it does.

    mschey, Now go argue with yourself in the mirror mschey, because nobody argues with retards like you.
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  10. The great thing about ET, we have a place for traders to prove their ability, and gain some respect. Both of you are welcome to join the Trader P&L 2006 thread and post your blotters with the rest of us. I'll be anxiously waiting, let's see what you've got!
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