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    OK, seriously, could some one that actually been to or is a current member of a live trading chat room come forward and share your experience.

    Others that haven’t been to one please DO NOT comment as I’ve been searching the forum but all I’ve found are criticism, one after another from people that actually haven’t been to one. (You know who you are). OH, and the sponsors or the people from the actual firm, please don’t promote your product because that only be a bias comment. (And you should also know who you are!)

    And OH, I know I could go though the trial period and pay $10. I am doing just that but it would take me months to go through all, hence I ask.


    Here are my thought on some, still have to go though more trails yet!

    The Trading authority: Been on the trail for a week and it was an ok experience, they trade on the e-mini’s mostly ES and QQQQ. They’ll show you how to set up for short and long, mostly using Fibonacci and Gartley technique. Target profit for scalper is like 2 points on ES, with 2nd and 3rd targets are set at a bit higher. The general room call is great as you could see the live video charts with entry’s point and targets levels clearly marked. Target 1 and 2 were hit most of the time. The trade calls to more expert traders was not that clear. The main guy, Todd, will speak out to the room but no text confirmation so you better listen carefully. (The calls I heard were made against the trend and mostly were losers. But after just one week there, couldn’t give statistical proof). The experience I’ve found was quite educational, but I’d have to take the 5 months course ($3500) to continue the access to the live room. Trial period is free

    Puretick: Hmm, I was interested in taking the trail but after reading so many criticism has turn me off a little. Anyway, I’ve also been reading the chat logs and found the strategy they’re using is to scalps 3 to 5 points on the DOW with 15 points risk. I don’t think this is for me but I might just give them a go anyway.

    LBR Group: I’d appreciate if someone could comment on their services. I’ll give the trail period a go next week, but its only 3 days trail, so feed back from existing user would be helpful.

    Teresa LO? Are they no longer in service or not taking any more new members? That’s a shame! Haven’t been there yet, but its MIRC bases, so no voice nor video! This put me off a little but I will give the trial a go. How profitable are their calls? I can’t find any track record on their site, that’s a worry.
  2. Paltalk has 2 great trading rooms, and its free. IRC has some rooms too on the finance servers, but if you dont know IRC, its kinda hard to get used to. Yahoo chat is bullshit!.

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    ET has 2 trading rooms, and in one of them people actually trade!

    Oh yes, it is also free, but this is not an endorsement... :)
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    two chat rooms? I oly see one shere nobody talks in...

    edit: You mean the 'elite trader' one and the 'fx' one.
  5. Jack Broz.. ex floor trader, still knows all the big players personally and runs his room straight off the floor, walks around during the day asking them whats going on, great stuff.. his partner Saul sits up behind the glass and trades 200+ cars.. bonds and YM only

    I once heard him say everyone buy now.. he said he'd just seen the worst broker selling, funny stuff, but sure enough..

    Expensive but I consider him a mentor and he effectively taught me how to trade
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    It was too early. They come alive around 9:30...
  7. Sure you did...

    And I won 800 million in the lottery last week...
  8. I thought Puretick was a pretty good room. I did not care for the maxspan but thought alex's ym scalping was pretty good but whether someone can follow someone elses calls profitably is a big question mark in my mind. I dont think I can. I think alex's experience is the biggest factor in his success and whether his style can be learned in a few months by someone else is another question mark. I certainly enjoyed his running commentary.
  9. What is it with you and scammers like Jack and Pureslick? Are you that gullible? None of them are making a buck ffs
  10. You project your own inability to trade on everyone else. The guy asked for a review and I gave him one. What is your problem mate?
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