Best live trading room on the net?

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  1. Anyone have any recommendations on best trading rooms for equities out on web? I've been to some already really have not had a good experience but want to know if anyone has recommendations. Thank you in advance!
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  2. A trading buddy of mine looks at the picks from these guys, and he says they are the real deal and no b.s..

    I haven't used them as I prefer trading with my own watchlist, as I've found that chat rooms for equities cause a distraction, but that's just my opinion.

    Check them out and best of luck.
  3. thanks for the feedback ScalperJoe! I've checked them out before but found them to be too distracting as there are so many messages going through the feed. Sykes is the same deal and at times feel like i'm being used in their pump scheme. I'll keep looking for the right fit and let you know if I find anything. If anyone has other suggestions i'm all ears! Thank you.
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  5. I like TOS free squak box shadow trader. I know there are others that are not free such as day trading rock star. I don't know about the paid ones.
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    EduTrade Guest Pristine method trading room hands down the best

    how do I know.. well look at all the courses I have LOL..spent tons of money in the industry , tried everyone out there. Most transparent and consistent guys in there.. Nice group of people...Room has been there since about 20 years..Im a 3 year member in there, Some have been there since ages, its hilarious lol...
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    I think Pristine Trading Room is the worst trading room out there. They trade on SIM. I Have a screenshot I captured while in their room that shows they are trading SIM. If interested PM me. They have this guy Paul who refuse to show his order entry and always losing money. Another moderator is Rob who will only say I am in a trader and call it if it is moving his direction. One of the worst room around. There are far better room. This room is all lies!!
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    I might have to agree with you now....I used to love the room until the recent changes they had.. 3 of there best room moderators left. they combined both trading rooms into one..but surprisingly 3 of their best moderators who used to show p&l and trade live have left and now the room has 3 moderators who seem plastic and fake. So I decided noo to renew my subscription there.
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    i was in the pmtr for one year and i also asked paul to show his real p&l and order execution but he never wanted to show it. all he is showing is some spreadsheet where he enters his calls and some numbers without slippage or other execution problems. and some people say that paul doesnt even take all his calls and thats why he doesnt show his order executions.

    one of them is jarey wesley if i am correct and if i remember right he was the only one showing his p&l in the pmtr - dont know if that was real or sim but at least he showed something. and why was he in the pmtr for such a long time if he wasnt good?

    which moderator was showing sim?

    i was in the trading room that the 3 ex moderators from pristine formed and it seemed pretty real. they were showing order entry screen and also the time&sale window with the prints of their orders.
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    Have to agree with you Phoris. The P&L posted is by Sami Abusaad the only guy that was not in question.

    As for Greg, I have nothing bad to say about him. I think he is a good teacher but his traders remained questionable and are 100% fake.

    I haven't tried other trading room that you mentioned because after Pristine lured me into buying a big package and paying big lump sump payment I was unable to get a refund and often got a run around dealing with them.

    Again, this P&L posted doesn't show the account or the fills. This business is all about making people feel stupid and luring them into a scam.

    If they are making big bucks why not show it and most importantly why do it.

    Do you want a real trading room with real results. Checkout the following as they are wildly different and more fluid than Pristine.

    Incestors Live Trading Room
    Sang Lucci

    These are the only Real Trades. Verified!!

    Pristine is in the business for 16+ years and yet to put together a complete course. They want $$$ for everything.
    You would have to spend $10k at Pristine to completely understand the technicals.

    I reccomend Revolutuinary Trading Course over Pristine.

    It's your money and your time. Do your homework.

    Pristine = Buyers Beaware!!!
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