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  1. I have several linux systems I would like to dedicate to trading. Right now, I am running my trading platform in a virtual machine inside the various linux systems. I was wondering if there were any brokers who specifically design platforms for Linux, where I can integrate software I have written with gcc and such.

    I'd also like to be logged in from multiple places on the same account. Is there any broker that facilitates this? I don't need colocation or special facilities, just reasonable fills removing liquidity in under a second or so, none of the high-frequency stuff.

    Any recs?
  2. Of the usual suspects, your best bet is probably Mac + IB + TWS API. No VM required.

    What am I saying - the TWS API should work fine in Linux, too (unless something has changed).
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    I have 2 ubuntu linux boxes for trading using Interactive Brokers and Oanda. Both work fine. I have a laptop with Windows on it and all the software works without a change switching between systems. I wrote my own charting and trading front end but there are several good Java front ends that should be fine.

    Good luck.
  4. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "logged in from multiple places". IB TWS will accept multiple client connections for a single account (up to 10 I think) from IP addresses that you nominate. If you want to do this remotely you would probably want to set up an SSH tunnel or such like for security purposes.

    simple example of SSH tunnel:

    As other posters have remarked IB TWS is fine on Linux (I use Ubuntu) using Sun JVM.
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    Which standalone TWS would I need to download from IB for running within linux: Unix, Mac, or windows?
  6. Unix


    all java based :)