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  1. Hi everyone

    Most traders I know are sort of intimidated by their software. They just know what they need and for fear of god, try not too touch anything alse(I treat my car that way). I, on the other hand, like to invest some time and get to know my trading tools.

    I would like to get my hands on a software that has level2 or marketdepth window with all the bells and whistles that exist for level1 data.

    If anyone knows such a software, please let me know.
  2. "the best, by far--- tymora pro"

    Unfortunately these guys do not pick up the phone and do not reply to my registration.
  3. IGolf


    I think surf might be smokin a little too much after the sets come in :)

    Went to the home page and what a pleasure it was to get insulted shortly after the video presentation started. I guess if I can't trade on their platform and make money I can't cut it in the business. Really.....

    Looked at the pics of screenshots. The graphics look like they were made in 84 on a TRS 80. Again, I like surf and his posts but I think he got hit in the head :)

    Went to the blog and heard the guy who insults people on home page call liberals pussies. Very professional :)

    Best of luck to you with this platform, I am not a user or a custsomer just 2 cents from taking a look.
  4. I am planning on giving a trial. I like the net buying a selling as well as the filter by trader lot size. Some neat statistical tools I can't find anywhere.
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    Will you share your experience when you try the software? I downloaded it last week and today is my first time trying it out during market hours.

    Right now I'm having a headache
    :D and may call it an early day.

  6. Sure Bill, could you do the same for me? I was planning on signing up later today. What are you going going to trade. I am just going to sim on futures indices to see how it does and go from there.
  7. billp


    I'm actually trading stocks although I suspect that its better suited for futures. (the sales person kind of hinted at that)

    My experience so far
    1) There are quite a few bells and whistles there and its basically for day traders (not really useful for swing traders). Reason is for eg: the buy/sell pressure, volume ratio etc only works on an intraday time basis. That means you can see them for 5 minute chart (for 2 days) but not on a daily chart:( . Not sure how many of their bells and whistles can be used on a daily data

    2) Also, although they have the box for you to choose the time to include such as pre and post market, it seems that I can't seem to see it on the chart despite selecting that option. (Maybe you can feedback to me when you download it. Can you do me a favour and test this aspect on stocks also? Thks)
    (PS: I would have asked them but I've asked quite a few questions from them and they may be sick of me asking them more questions):D

    3) You may want to check out the 'volume ratio' and 'buy/sell pressure'. Not sure how they derive it but its not that straightforward such as ('total number of shares traded at bid = bid pressure'). They have said its proprietary information

    4) Have you ever tried Investor R/T market delta? Currently they do not offer this on their demo anymore so I am unable to compare between these 2 softwares. IMHO, its important to compare between these 2 softwares and see what's the difference between Investor R/T volume and market delta profile vs Topgunsoftware 'volume ratio' and 'buy/sell v pressure' as I feel that if we are going to select a software to help us trade, we should understand what these 'indicators' mean so that we can interpret them correctly

    Well this is in a nutshell.

    Let me know your opinion when you download it