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  1. What is the best laptop cooler for preventing damage to your laptop?
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I prefer the mini Coleman. It holds six.
  5. thanks for the link I really appreciate it. will this help monitor the temperature of my BIOS? how about my graphics card? motherboard?
    also will it work with Vista? I don't see Vista listed on the page
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    it monitors the temperature of the harddisk.

    don't worry about anything else... harddisk is the most temperature sensitive of all components.

    It works on Vista. I have it installed in my machine.
    But Vista's security system would block it from automatic start up. I have to manually start it every day. There must be a way to add it to the allowed list.
  7. thanks for the info...
    never heard of this software company before....they seem like a small operation...
    are they trustworthy as far as not installing spyware etc on your machine?
  8. what is the ideal temperature for your hard drive to run at, and what is the danger zone?
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    you can check the manufacturer's website for specification.
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    I really like the "Notebook Cooler" from Antec.

    You can see it at this link:

    It cools well. I don't know how much difference there is among products for cooling - I like it mostly because of it's design.

    It's flat - I don't like the kind that tilt. It flares inward so it fits nicely under the laptop without sticking out.

    I note that it's price is fairly low ($30) and that may imply lower durability.
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