Best Jobs in America

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  2. This can't be true day trader has to be top of the list...
  3. I have a feeling that whomever creates those charts wants the price of those professions to come down. It's like holding a huge banner saying "Hey look, enter this field!!".

    So within this context, day traders don't fit the scheme.
  4. If you can get rid of a lot of those medical jobs, then there may be more jobs for others. :(
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    he is..look at securities trader
    trader makes more than gynecologist!
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    What lawyers were they surveying? The market is oversaturated with lawyers, many of whom can't even find jobs as there are more lawyers being minted out of school every year than there are jobs available.

    Grad schools and higher education is broken. Giving easy access to funds for tuition gives these institutions every reason to bump up their tuitions and pad their coffers... cause ya know, education always pays (for them). Why else are adult education institutions like Phoenix Online multi-billion dollar businesses?
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    Depends on what type of work a lawyer specializes in. The market is over-saturated with lawyers who possess useless undergrad degrees such as philosophy, psychology, and art history. However, patent lawyers with undergrad degrees in engineering or tax lawyers with undergrad degrees in accounting are in high demand and likely always will be.
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    Out of the 30 "BEST" jobs in america only 1 is showing future growth....

  9. Yepper... :D - A Securities Trader Has To Bend Over and Take It A Lot More Than A OB/GYN...
  10. the education system in america is as broken as its health care system

    and just like the health care system it's going to remain fucked up
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