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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by agrau, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. agrau


    I plan to do some vey basic charting of historical EOD data in a Java app I am currently writing and look for hints as to which open-source package is the best to use.

    By best I mean:
    - few (if any) dependencies on other packages
    - memory and filesize footprint

    The packages I found on sourceforge are all universal, multi-purpose and often come with a bundle of other jar's needed. As I just want price charting these all seem a bit oversized for me.

    Is anybody aware of some other package I should look at. Or even share some code with me?

    Also, is there some charting package that would allow point&figure charting? I currently use a JTable for this, but maybe there exists some other package already?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. ramora


    eSignal has a very good java chart applet at It it the best I have seen so far and also has Euro market data available.

  3. I wish you folks would get together and buy the API from J-Trader and write a front-end trade execution app for it.

    The person/people that do this would among the first to do this and offer it to the thousands of retail traders that use Jtrader.

    Look at Ninja Trader and Button-Trader who seem to have the best front-ends for TWS platform from IB. These 2 companies seem to be operating and succeeding.

    Michael B.
  4. agrau


    Thanks so far for the responeses! ET truly is a great place to meet people and get help.

    Thx for your pointer, but I feel I have not made myself clear enough. It's that I need the charting capabilities in my own application, ie. I need the components to build upon myself. Specifically, I want to free myself from any supplier dependency. But still I agree that my subject line was quite misleadingly formulated.

    I agree, JFreeChart is sort of a swiss army knife for charting. Others are listed here and elsewhere. Still I hope to find something more slim, as I fear these libraries carry too much overhead for the simple task I am looking at. Even then, thanks again.