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  1. Xenia


    Maybe they use those screens for SARA ("system and risk administration").
    #21     Jun 21, 2005
  2. Like I said , call Jeff Ganis and ask
    him !

    Keep your speculations for your trading:p
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  3. And let people tell their experience
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  4. This is RCG.

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  5. Are you using them currently? I've had some problems with Man's PATS in the past (but it was a couple of years ago).

    I haven't kept up with PATS updates etc, so I'd like to ask those who are using it: does the back-end/API remain the same (last couple of years) and they upgrade the Java-based front-end (for order entry/DOME etc) ?

    I didn't like their order entry interface very much (plus I'd like to use bracket orders etc). Any recommendations on PATS front-ends? I know about NinjaTrader and TradeMaven, any others ?
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  6. Truff


    I don't use mann anymore but it wasn't because of J trader, it was because of the rates. J trader worked very well for me there. I just left 3 months ago. I now use CQG through Pro Active futures and its just as good if not better, + better rates.
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  7. Other people who want to share ?
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  8. Yosemite


    I think there is a simple explanation based on true facts:

    Elocal use to be on the Patsystems customer list a while ago....
    That was a clear proof that they had a Patsystem infrastructure...

    As I checked today they're not anyomre listed there...

    So, stop fighting because I think all you guys are right.
    They use to have theyr own infrastrucutre while they were cleraing to RCG, now they could have dismissed it or just sold to RCG?
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  9. Truff


    But Jeff Ganis told Nickbarings that they do have PATS servers. Why would he lie? Do you realize who he is? LOL
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  10. Yosemite


    Honestly I don't know how is NickBarings as well as Jeff Ganis.
    I just wrote down my experience based on the fact that I often visit Pats- website...

    Anyway Nickb. wrote about a visit to elocal and chat 3 years ago...
    Elocal was listed on patsystem until six months ago for sure...
    I am sure they use to have....but more likely not anymore

    BTW.... Do you realize who I am?

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