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  1. We all know that J-trader has issues.

    What brokers have the most reliable
    feed from your own experience ?

    My ranking is the following ;


    Stay way broker ;

    1 Rosenthal Collins Group

    Let me hear yours !
  2. m_c_a98


    Well Elocaltrading is an introducing broker for Rosenthal Collins Group.

    So your post is rather ridiculous as your best broker is also your "stay away from" broker.
  3. Truff


    Mann financial has good J trader feeds
  4. gnome


    eLocal's commission is going down to $4.50/RT, all in as of July 1.
  5. M_C_A98,

    Elocal has their own feeds !

    Who is ridiculous now ?:cool:
  6. m_c_a98


    You are not ridiculous. that sounds too harsh.


    You are wrong as of 5 months ago Elocal uses the same RCG servers as other RCG brokers such as Cytrade(eminilocal), etc...
    I know this first hand.
  7. M_C_A98,

    My best friend, I visited Elocal 3 years
    ago in their Chicago office and had
    a chat with Jeff Ganis AND I have seen
    THEIR OWN servers.

    Who the hell do you know their firsthand, Martha the secretary maybe ?:D
  8. Spike trading
  9. m_c_a98


    I had an account with them and another RCG broker at the same time and both used the same Pats Host and price IP addresses.
    maybe that means nothing, I don't know.
  10. Truff


    is elocal and FCM? Cause i've never seen an IB with their own servers for Pats. I would be very surprised.
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