Best island or place to trade from?

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  1. Ive been all over switzerland, beautiful country, lots of biking trails, great skiing, just a few hours drive to other places like Italy, Holland, Germany, etc. The swiss live a high quality life.
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    Best island to trade from? No brainer. Manhattan.
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    Smart answer! This doesn't explain though why so many headge funds move slightly to the North to Greenwich.
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    Taxes I would guess. Plus, most hedge funds are swing traders, not active traders. They could probably do that with dialup.
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  5. Someone wrote that FLORIDA is a station without a good sense of education, culture or purpose. As someone who lived in Florida for 15-years (Miami, Coral Gables & South Beach) I mostly agree.

    HOWEVER, for trading...

    it's a terrific place.

    Allow me to explain. Obviously, there's no state income tax, so you save a few percentage points right there. It's also a "SHALL ISSUE" state so you can carry yo' .40, which means something to me.

    Additionally, because of the housing bust, you can get a short-sale/foreclosure 2/2 condo for about $200k either ON THE BEACH or in DOWNTOWN Miami.

    There's a great nightlife, plenty of babes, great international airport, OUSTANDING WEATHER.

    The downside is there are a lot of peasants from the third world driving down US-1 like maniacs, because their first car was a Donkey.


    EDIT: The Island I would suggest would be Miami Beach.
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  6. I hope they wipe themselves out before they get to Lake Worth after being stopped in Palm Beach....:D

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  7. not many places can beat your mom's basement... [​IMG]
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  8. Think about what you just said. Does everyone in Manhattan clear over 500k? Is everyone who does not make over 500k miserable in Manhattan?

    The truth is there are many people in Manhattan living below 100th St in reasonable neighborhoods paying less then 2 grand a month and having a great time. A buddy of mine had a high rise doorman apartment that seemed very nice for just $2500 a month.

    Do you really need to be boozing or eating at the restaurants in NYC? Once you get above 35 and realize how much weight you can put on quickly, these restaurants will not be the place you want to be.

    If you are savvy enough and have common sense, then you dont need to spend a lot of money to get what you want. For example, you can have luxury apartment furnishings at a cheap price just by going on Craigslist in Manhattan. Everyday someone is moving out and needs to sell their furniture quick. Sometimes you can get high quality stuff 10 cents on the dollar.

    Once you get to know people and have a quality network, you wont need to pay your way into the clubs or even pay for the drinks. Things will just come.

    You do not need a car in a place like San Francisco or New York City which saves you a boatload of money. If you do bring a car to those places then sooner or later it will end up in the towyard.

    The ideal place would be Austin, Texas. The nightlife in downtown is simply incredible and you can get drunk on just $10 (only place in the nation with $1 16-oz beers). Its a college town with one of the largest universities in America and there are plenty of young ladies. If you cant get laid in Austin, then you cant get laid.

    There is no state income tax in Texas. All of the various houses and apartments are new and sizable.

    Since there is no state income tax and Texas is very business friendly, the prices at the stores are considerably less then what you would find in other states.

    Unemployment in Austin is under 7% right now where as the rest of the nation is still at 9+%. Not many beggars or homeless like other cities because of a great economy.

    There are plenty of cheap hotels and a hostel in Austin. Go down there for a few days and see it for yourself. Why go to Austin versus Florida? Lots of crime, drugs and unemployed in Florida. A lot of great things about Florida, but it can get depressing if you meet the wrong crowd. Lets say trading doesnt work out and you need to move down a different path. Would you rather be in a place with 9+% unemployment rates or a place where the unemployment is way below the national average? If disaster strikes, then you need a backup plan. Miami will probably not offer you that plan.

    The most ideal place that has those tropical qualities you speak of is Pattaya City, Thailand. You can get a fairly nice apartment on the cheap and finding a college-aged Thai woman to hang around is not an issue even if you are over 40. There are issues in Thailand, but those issues are easy to navigate around once you know the area and the people.
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  9. If you're a kid, you just want to party and meet lots of chicks Manhattan is good, if you're middle aged you want some safe suburb with great schools for the kids and clean air: CT maybe?, if you're old you want somewhere quiet, with great health care, and clean air, good weather not that cold, like FL?.
    Add taxes to the equation and it gets even more complicated.
    There is no "best place" for everyone.
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  10. What would you say the "issues" are? Thanks.
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