Best island or place to trade from?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Johan, Nov 20, 2010.

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    No problem, glad to help.

    I also know a couple of guys that tend to move around quite a bit. They have lived in Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and now they are in Uruguay. They are currently buying a home there and said in terms of living, healthcare, crime and stability it is the best place they have lived. I might have to go check it out sometime. I know my son would not want to leave the U.S. but I am hoping to retire early about the time he graduates and then me and my wife might decide to move out of the U.S. Right now it will be Belize.

    P.S. I love Hawaii but cost of living is too high. I'll be there on vacation in about 3 weeks though.
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  2. Thank you Bolimomo and AMA for your detailed input on Hawaii :)

    The time zone issue is big enough that I won`t be contemplating Hawaii this time around, since I`m a discretionary trader trading the US session.

    San Francisco is still tempting. I would need to figure out what a realistic monthly budget would be. Any US residents who can tell me where to look for rental appartments and avoid getting ripped off?

    The cost of living is high here in Norway as well, so I believe I should be able to make a fairly smooth transition, depending much on the rent I guess.
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  3. and i trade from the place where the local "IRS" doesn`t even realize what a trading is.

    :D :D :D
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    Love it!
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    How about these?

    Las Vegas or Reno,


    Lots of falling housing in Phoenix. Still lots of foreclosures and vast amounts of empty houses in Las Vegas.

    Well I guess if one is like the desert type like Snoopy's brother.
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