Best Islamic Squawk Box?

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    Does Al-Queda have a squawk box or news service where traders can get the quickest information on the next bombing?

    New York, Bali, Madrid, London, Bombay......These are as common as Fed meetings.
  2. We need to start getting into financing terrorism against the Islamists. Pay Shiites to kill Sunnis and Sunnis to kill Shiites. These people only respond to violence. Thats the only way to defeat Islam - divide and conquer.
  3. they probably do, the markets have always gone down in advance of these attacks.
  4. Hi, there is a decent news agency by the name of AL JAZEERA which can be found on-line. This one gives a different perspective of events worldwide including timely unfolding of middle east events.
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    Underline and italic "different perspective."
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    Hey, brain dead asshole, obviously your chicken mind set does not allow you to bark outside of the closet you're stock in, but this is no way to feel good about being a dead-end red neck loser as you are.
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  7. Fight fire with fire...let's hear about your witty solution. Should we all get together for a weekend retreat and see if we can bridge the gap? Maybe we could all go to group therapy together. An AA meeting....Hi my name is osama...and I kill innocent woman and children, because I am afraid to fight men. I'll tell you what....why don't you take your ass over there and see if you can solve the problem...and if you come back with your head attached, I'll put you in for the peace prize!
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    Another dog barking from within his kennel…………….
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    The solution you said? Read about the opinions of the ivy league college presidents & professors, rather than listening to the Fox channel and, your local radio station………..
    Fire with fire he says………??!!!
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    here's a couple of thoughts. The CIA under Bush Sr. trained Osama to fight the Russians and put Saddam in power. Bush Sr. gave Saddam the so called now non-existent WMD. The CIA under Bush Sr. introduced and propagated the concept of fanning Jihadists in Afghanistan.

    here are more thoughts. Osamas brothers invest $Billions upon $ Billions in Bush Sr. businesses using the Carlyle group as an investment vehicle. Fact is Bush Sr. was meeting with Osamas brothers in NYC the day of 9/11.

    Oh there's a lot more, but you have your head so far up your ass you can't even see the light any more.

    Who loves you Abdullah? Yeah, that's right, your neocon butt buddies and their voters, opps I mean their e-voters.

  10. Wael seems to get his info fairly quick........
    Its often wrong though:confused:
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