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  1. if i would be the one who had made that millions in money, i guess i wouldnt trust anyone else to increase that way in future.

    thinking about giving my money (lets say $10 mill) to someone else to invest and make myself passive, i think following:

    1. what was the sense of all my trading?
    to earn money....sure.
    but wherefor ? just for a living ?
    or were there some other targets ? retirement etc...

    2. did i also trade for passion ?
    if im willing to leave my passion, why should i risk any money?
    esp. if i am more successful than the most others.
    the target was hit: i made my goal , am rich now.

    instead of jumping from one bar to the next bar, i would jump from one beach to the next beach in future.
    or from one country to the next.

    what is the sense of multiplying my personal $10 mill into $100mill ??
    also i had to think about my childs which should be able get part or all of that money by time.

    so my prime directive would be:

    SAVE IT!

    10 mill with 3% interest / year make $300K.

    thats a very nice income and doesnt lower my amount at all.

    so these are my 2 cents
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  2. Foz


    Most of my money I would (and do) put in a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, and real estate. But if I were to retire from trading with a lot of money I would put a small portion into the Ramsey Financial/Access Asset Emerging CTA Index Fund. It is traded by 40 small CTA's (Schindler Trading is one of them) with a mixture of styles and should be uncorrelated with the rest of my portfolio. I think the minimum investment is $3 million.

    And yes, it'll be a while before $3 million becomes "a small portion" of my portfolio. :)
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  3. dbphoenix


    That's what you call a "retraction"?

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    That is a really good idea, the CRB Index would have been a great place to park some cash this year. Hopefully there will be some ETF or Closed End Funds that are marketed publicly that trade commodities. Some of the gold funds like ASA have had nice runs. For the smallish trader though it is hard to buy a basket of commodities as a hedge. And my neighbors still laugh about the time I had to find closet space for all those pork bellies that I forgot about.:)
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  5. I was one of those "others", I still stick by what Isaid, BUT I never said you could trade every day! In fact, I see a set up only on about 100 days out of the year.
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