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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hawkeye23, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. It has already been mentioned, and they have not stopped "her" yet. I think she believes Baron and his moderators to be a group of paper tigers.
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    Although, all things considered, I'd rather hear about this than discuss MrMarket's penis . . .

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  3. Or, how "HUGE" he is?
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    It is easy to be a big mouth critic when you have no facts. Check them out for a free week and if they don't do as I have said, then I'll be happy to post a retraction on ET.
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    Scroll up to Tacsian's post, sweetheart, then start composing.

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  6. Ok, let's leave out the suggestion of GD2KNO for now.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions as to how they might invest a substantial amount of money?

    Possibilities might include:

    1. A specific hedge fund.

    2. A specific mutual fund.

    3. A specific group of stocks.

    4. A specific money manager.

    5. A specific trader.

    Thank you.
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    The thread was asking for a fund or other type of PASSIVE investment vehicle. Not what an individual trader makes on his funds.

    It's a lot easier for a person to make 1% a day on his own trading account than it is for a fund with hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to invest to make 1% a day. Which is what the following post was suggesting on a passive S&P account.
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    Okay but 25% a month comes out to a lot more than 250% per year. And again you're talking about an individual trader trading small amounts of capital and not about a passive investment vehicle which would have billions of dollars under management, if it were able to produce those types of results. You can't daytrade billions of dollars.
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  9. GD2KNO


    What you say has some validity. They did run amuck when their head trader's mom became terminally ill in November, and the guys filling in for him were not accustomed to trading in a way that would be applicable to the signals program.

    At the time they did email members and ask that they only paper trade until they could work out the problem which I felt was fair.

    I also felt badly that it occured at the time I first posted on ET. I had not expected they would have protracted problems, or I certainly would not have made those posts at that time.

    But having a really good experience with them I felt it could help others. I am happy to say they are back on track and my faith in them has been justified.

    Also they only get paid if a week nets 25 points or more which I believe is more than I can ask for in terms of "fair".
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