best investment books of 2018

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    Dalio's book Principle's is excellent.

    Although no secret investment sauce in the book, there is wisdom in the first half of the book that can help organize our complex minds which ultimately helps orchestrate our trading plans and focus. I will be reading this book off and on throughout my life as each page has so much wisdom if applied correctly.
  3. Dalio's principles book is utter bullshit, because it isn't clear to the morons reading it that these are his own principles and would not necessarily apply to your situation. People start trying to apply them and they don't work because you need everyone around you to be bought into this mode of operation.

    Dalio's debt crisis book is incredible. I really enjoyed reading it.
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  4. Lessons from Principle book can be applied to other areas of life besides trading/investing. Great book.
  5. Dalio's principles book is good, though the second part is too much focused on his unique management philosophies.
  6. Check out the book of Proverbs in the Bible. You would be surprised.
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    It's not a book, but for someone starting out, I think is a good resource.
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    To extend on that thought, in practice his principles require that you follow them with a cultist mentality. If you read about Bridgewater it's scary, they actually have a whole hierarchy of enforcers who ensure that everyone there has drunk the kool-aid and remains a zealot to the Principles. Employees at one point had to have a hard copy of the book on their person at all times, which was only relaxed because they are now supposed to have an electronic copy! Interesting article about it at
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    Yeah they are freaks...but there are bits and pieces of wisdom in the book if applied or partially applied you will grow
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    • Exactly; and in the business, they call magazines''books'' --Tech Analysis Of Stocks & Co, magazine is a good one.I seldom turn down a free mag,JAN
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