Best intraday software for tapereading

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  1. Hi,

    Simple request for you tapereaders out there - which software package is best for interpreting intraday T&S?

    I really suck at tapereading, so I'm not going to list the things that I THINK I'm looking for.

    Thanks guys,

    PS - If anyone wants to share any tapereading tips as well for NYSE, I'd be very thankful. IM me if it's easier for you via email, chat, whatever...
  2. uhh...

    specifically -

    color coded uptick/downtick

    filter both bid/ask/print acc to size but separately - i.e. all prints within a certain size, but all bids and offers regardless of size

    i want to be able to see if last print is at bid, at offer, or somewhere in-between without having to look to see what bid/offer were at that time
  3. QCharts does that.
  4. Qcharts doesn't specifically say "Trade at Ask" - or "Trade inside spread" - this is what I want.

    Maybe I have to write app for this.
  5. spieler


    qcharts does say that but it is a color code in the T&S
  6. Okay, how about this for a simpler request:

    Each sale with the spread at the time next to it.


    Time Price Size BBid BBid Size Bask BAsk Size
    11:51:30 35.91 1,000 35.91 2,000 35.95 400

    (All I want to see is the sale price & size, but with the spread posted alongside it at the TIME of that sale; not what the current bid/ask is).
  7. Ouch!

    Apparently my spacing was "adjusted" by ET...
  8. tom_p


    To get figures to align, enclose them in [*code*] and [*/code*], without the asterisks. You still may have to play around a little, but at least it allows for tabular presentation.

                        1             2             3
                      12.5          13.3          14.2