best indexs to day trade on 5 minute chart

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    which indexes are best to day trade on 5 minute chart
  2. I trade with the 5 minute chart on the YM (Dow E-Mini). I wouldn't say its 'best'. Its just what I'm comfortable with.

    Alex did a video on this subject. Some people agree with it, some dont. Here is the link.


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    how do you decide which YM that you will decide to trade with. The YM contracts are running every month right?
  4. No Quarterly..... Contract end codes: March-H, June-M, Sept-U, Dec-Z

    Right now we are using December but when roll over day comes we'll switch to March.

    Maybe you were thinking of the options. There are a ton of those.

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    ok. I understand. so one would trade a current dated futures. like trading december now and march when dec rolls over. Let me know if i am wrong.

    I traded forex before and want to expand into other instruments to diversity. I only trade woodies cci zlr as a system on 5 minute bars.
    My aim is to trade when the market is active. What times would that be for the futures.
  6. Exactly. We have a faq for more info on futures trading at
  7. how did you deal with another cbot YM down today?
  8. My personal favorite is the Emini Russell 2000 index, it pays a lot and moves a lot

    then i also like the mini sp500, mini dow jones, mini gold, mini bonds, and mini oil.
  9. We were not in a trade when it went down but it wasn't for that long and we just instructed all our users who were how to hedge. They should know that in advance. I also posted a video on here regarding that earlier.
  10. '' - Making Money Off The Panic of Others''

    kinda ironic when 98% of your ''users'' are such pussies they cant even pull the trigger.

    so youre the one making money out of the panic of your own users. good business plan

    and setups ''with a 90% efficiency'' sounds extremely suspicious to me.
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