Best Historical EOD Data for US Markets

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by psytrade, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Anyone have information on the best source for EOD US Data?

    I need data for the following: NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq.

    I use Amibroker and need adjusted raw data, not proprietary.


  2. kiwi777


    Yahoo, MSN - free. BTW ask Tomas what he thinks is the best for ami.
  3. just21

    just21 works with amibroker, is quick to update, and you can then scan the whole database in amibroker.
  4. H2O


  5. Bob111


    not free, but lot of fundamentals,scans and stocks list always up to date. no dead tickers.
  6. My problem is I have been using Yahoo data for quite some time. I recently downloaded the data again, and I noticed changes in the data that changed my backtest results. The changes occured on trades several years past, but it made me question my data source.

    CSI looks interesting, I'll check them out.
  7. Agreed ... Quotes Plus is very good. I have also had good luck with MSN's data, though it's usually available several hours later than Quotes Plus.
  8. lwlee


    Quotes Plus.

    Yahoo is free but you have to maintain your database of symbols using the stock template which is incomplete and not readily updated.

    QP is an external symbol database. You never have to deal with any symbols and you know it's always complete.
  9. Bob111


    exactly. plus with yahoo you have deal with splits,dividends and all that stuff. not worth the time imo. with QP SDK you can also work with QP internal database directly from your own application, which is also very nice feature.